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Text Of Serbia Kosovo Agreement

Text Of Serbia Kosovo Agreement
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All previous agreements have been packaged in the form of an agreement between Serbia and an external actor – the UN or the EU – which acts as Kosovo`s substitute. This is the first high-level agreement between the two states and shows that Serbia can treat Kosovo on an equal footing. This is a kind of de facto recognition of Kosovo, and it could be its greatest importance in the long run. Whatever else happens, it is now easier to imagine that Serbia could one day officially recognize the independence of its former province. Yet the thaw in relations between Belgrade and Pristina remains fragile and easy to reverse. The two capitals should make improving their bilateral relations a priority and not allow persistent differences over northern Kosovo to hamper them. Better relations between states are far more important than the administrative details that govern the North. The new agreement is therefore an extremely unusual document, which mainly concerns the interests of the non-signatory parties, the United States and Israel, while Serbia and Kosovo await new negotiations and agreements on mutual relations, but with strongly modified relations with other world powers, the EU, China and Russia. Grenell said that “economic normalization is moving Serbia and Kosovo away from Russia and China” and that “this is Donald Trump`s diplomatic victory.” This is perhaps the main consequence of the agreement. It will be particularly interesting to see how the European Union addresses the parties, given that it sees itself as the main facilitator of the peace process and that both sides have set EU membership as a strategic objective. There are several clauses in the agreement which have absolutely nothing to do with the normalisation of economic relations between Kosovo and Serbia and whose inclusion in this agreement borders on the ridiculous.

These are the clauses according to which the two countries have agreed to cooperate with the 69 countries that criminalize homosexuality “to push for decriminalization”; promised to characterize Hezbollah “as a whole” as a terrorist organization and to fully implement the necessary measures to limit Hezbollah`s financial operations and activities in its jurisdictions; and the clause in which Kosovo and Israel agreed to recognize each other, and Serbia agreed to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem by 1 July 2021. The mutual recognition clause between Kosovo and Israel is only included in the document signed by Kosovar Prime Minister M. Hoti, while the clause allowing Serbia to move its embassy to Jerusalem appears only in the document signed by Serbian President Vucien, and this is in fact the only difference between the texts of the two agreements, signed separately by Hoti and Vucic. President Trump claimed that Serbia and Kosovo had now “committed to economic normalization,” calling the deal “historic” and a “major breakthrough” after years of failed negotiations. The next important moment was the parliamentary elections in Serbia. The Washington meeting was originally scheduled for June 27, six days after Serbia`s June 21 parliamentary elections, boycotted by most opposition parties due to the ruling party`s control over traditional media and the misuse of public resources. The elections won a convincing victory for President Vucic`s compassionate Serbian Progressive Party, which won 60.65% of the votes cast without any real opposition parties being represented in the new parliament. What mattered to the U.S. government was not the state of democracy in Serbia, but the fact that Vucic now had all the levers of power, making it an ideal partner for signing the agreement. It remains to be seen who will formally guarantee the implementation of what has been agreed in both documents. It is clear that the government of the incumbent President of the United States is behind everything, but nowhere do the documents determine who is officially responsible for implementation.

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