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Agreement In Sepedi

Agreement In Sepedi
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Concordances resemble prefixes, since they appear in front of the tribe of words. Verbs and qualifiers used to describe a noun are brought into conformity with that noun using the corresponding concos. With the exception of forms that use subjective concordances, the plural is formed by adding to the verb the suffix -ng (or the defective -ke verb when used). This -ng can regularly lead to a vocal increase when the verb ends with the open vocal e very emotional ideophones, which tend not to follow the phonetic rules of the language and can be pronounced in a particular way. For example, the accent can fall on the last or first syllable of all ideophones, regardless of the length, vowels can be extended indefinitely (po. Music, dance, food and drink are typical of Sepedi weddings. As a rule, Bantu languages have no prepositions[2] or articles. In Sesotho are withered nouns and verbal imperatives are treated as intermediaries. The division of the four qualifiers depends solely on the Concords that use them. [3] Cardinals are names, but are given a separate section below. The first form has a tone [ ̄ _ ] and suffix -o to the relative concordance. Many Sesotho-Ideophones are radical, and many of them are shared by many Bantu languages (like Sesotho tu! and isiZulu du! / dwi! “silence”), although many are formed from other parts of the language.

In fact, it is common for a spokesperson to intensify the meaning of a descriptive word or verb by improvising ideophones and placing them according to the word or simply by making the listener believe the meaning of the context or action that accompanies it. Ideophones are often created from verbs, simply by replacing the last vocal -a of the base verb with a high-pitched -i. Every complete word of Sesotho belongs to a part of the language. Proclites are clicks that appear at the front of words. There is only one regular proclitic in Sesotho – the – which is usually preceded by nouns, pronouns, qualifiers and adverbians as a conjunction to convey the same meaning as the English “and” when used between nouns. Some Indo-European languages have a postclinical language of similar meaning (e.g. Latin -que[6] and Sanskrit च -ca). . . .


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