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Wlusa Agreement

Wlusa Agreement
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4.6 The Committee meets at least once every two months, and at other times in its decision. Periodic meetings may be deleted by appointment of the two chairs. The parties agree that, for the duration of the WLUSA/OSSTF 2017-2020 collective agreement, the following provisions apply, as these are campaign-funded positions within the Development and Old Relations Division: 25.17.6 Members may, at their discretion, assert their right to leave, at their discretion, the prior agreement of their supervisor and the functional requirements of their service. Managers will allow leave in a fair and equitable manner and will respond in writing and in due course to holiday requests. After the authorization, the leave cannot be revoked by the director without the member`s consent. Leave may be taken before the demarcation period until the member`s current annual fee. 27.1.1 The parties agree to pursue the Wilfrid Laurier University Pension plan, which came into effect and was revised and confirmed on July 1, 2012, or may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors for the duration of this agreement. Any changes to the plan during the duration of the agreement are subject to the agreement of the association. For the purposes of section 27: (pension plan) disputes, the terms of the WLU pension plan apply in a copy of the plan submitted to the Pension Board. 3.6.3 No member is required or authorized to enter into a written or oral agreement that may conflict with the terms of this Agreement. 10 LET`S BREAKDOWN THE FORM… 7TH SECTION – SIGN OFF WHAT IS THE PROCESS? Employee SignatureDate:Manager SignatureDate: Note: The employee`s signature indicates that this audit was read and discussed with the manager, but does not necessarily indicate an agreement. 12.1.2 A fixed-term position is a full-time or part-time job, for which a deadline is indicated at the time of posting and there is no employment commitment beyond the specified duration.

The university may, with the agreement of the association, set a temporary position for a period of more than twenty-four (24) months. Such an agreement by the association is not unduly accepted. Details will be published as soon as both sides have ratified the interim agreement. The parties agree that there will be no further discussion on inclusion or exclusion issues, as they refer to Laurier`s positions at the time of ratification of the agreement. The future introduction of positions will be appropriately addressed in accordance with the definitions of the Ontario Labour Relations Board and/or Schedule A: Certificate. After each announcement of a new campus, the parties meet to discuss and consider the possible extension of the current WLUSA certificate and possible changes to the existing WLUSA collective agreement. These talks will not be binding on the university and the association. 30.2.1 An appeal is defined as any dispute or disagreement arising from the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of the provisions of this Agreement. Any reference in an article to the right to cry by a member or by the association serves exclusively to emphasize. The absence of a right to bereavement in an article does not prevent a member or the association from filing or processing a complaint. Agreement: is this collective agreement that has been negotiated and ratified between the university and the association.

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