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Uni Hamburg Learning Agreement Part 3

Uni Hamburg Learning Agreement Part 3
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Under this program, your host school does not charge you tuition fees and your studies abroad are recognized by TUHH. Students who participate in an Erasmus exchange programme have a specific interlocutor, both in their home country and in their host university. As a rule, there is both an institutional coordinator (at the TUHH is Dr. Elvira Wilberg) and a specialized coordinator. At tuhh, the specialized coordinators are the international assistant deans within the curricula. Erasmus student exchanges are only possible in higher education institutions with which the TUHH has concluded an Erasmus+ agreement. A list of partner universities can be found on the Erasmus+ Cooperation page. After the student`s return, all the results of the studies that have been successfully completed and for which recognition has been agreed in the Learning Agreement are covered by the Examination Office. To do this, Table D is filled in. This also explains discrepancies from the original agreement, for example because a course was not taken. When drawing up the learning agreement, one should not expect a 1:1 equivalence of individual lessons. Instead, a set of courses of about thirty ECTS points per semester must correspond to the courses you would have taken at LA TUHH. The appropriations made should be fully recognised.

Derogations must be justified by the coordinator of the sector. The necessary changes to the learning agreement, which may occur initially at the host university, must be introduced without delay by the student. While an official language test is not always a prerequisite for inclusion in the Erasmus+ exchange programme, many higher education institutions have made language level recommendations in the new Erasmus+ agreements and/or depend on the TUHH`s language proficiency check. The academic year 2021/22 will be the first year of a new generation of ERASMUS programmes. This will result in some changes that are not yet fully known. In particular, all cooperation agreements are expiring and some cannot be renewed. The first year of the program is a transition year, which can lead students in the same year to participate under different conditions. . . .

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