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Service Level Agreement Goals And Objectives

Service Level Agreement Goals And Objectives
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Ethernet images are monitored when entering a UNI and are declared green if they are CIR/CBS compliant, declared yellow if they are not CIR/CBS and EIR/EBS compliant, or declared red if they are not CIR/CBS or EIR/EBS compliant. Red frames are always rejected, yellow color images are discarded during periods of network overload, and green color images should never be discarded. If the green images are rejected, it depends on whether the SLO is running. Color mode (CM) indicates whether the service provider should use previous color tags of Ethernet frames that may have been created by the subscriber`s devices or used in its NETWORK before those frames enter the UNI. If the CM is configured to work in color blind mode, any previous ethernet coloring is ignored. However, these should be reviewed and amended by the client and the lawyer, as they are generally inclined to the benefit of the supplier. The schema in Ref. [56] Observes the effects of VM migration on three entities, namely migrating VMs, connected VMs, and applications running on them. The migration process consumes many CPU cycles and therefore affects the performance of the source and target servers. The concept of the Service Level Penalty (SLO) is an important reflection of the proposed approach.

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