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Service Level Agreement Bsp

Service Level Agreement Bsp
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Any agreement should allow for renegotiation and renewal to allow the OSFI to maintain an appropriate level of control over outsourcing and the right to intervene through appropriate measures to meet its legal and regulatory obligations. The agreement should also be recognized by The Bangko Sentral Supervisory Authority through BSFI and the right of access to information on BSFI and the service provider. Continuous monitoring of information security requires continued awareness of security controls, vulnerabilities and threats to support risk management decisions. The collection and analysis of available data on the status of the system should be required regularly and as often as the OSFI to manage security and data protection risks, depending on the level of the organization involved in the decision-making. The transition to cloud utilities involves transferring responsibility to the PSC to secure parts of the system on which BSFI`s data and applications work. To meet the obligations of continuous monitoring, the organization depends on the CSP, whose cooperation is essential, since the critical aspects of the IT environment are fully controlled. Outsourcing a PSC can be beneficial for a BSFI due to potential benefits such as cost reduction, flexibility, scalability, improved load compensation and speed. However, risk assessment and management in cloud-based systems can be a huge challenge, particularly because of the unique attributes and risks associated with a cloud environment, particularly in the areas of data integrity, sovereignty, communication, platform multi-tenancy, restoration and privacy. , as well as legal issues such as compliance, auditing and data outsourcing.

Cloud computing may require more robust controls due to the nature of the service. When assessing the feasibility of outsourcing in a PSC, it is important to go beyond the potential benefits and conduct thorough diligence and risk assessment of specific service elements. Supplier management, information security, audits, legal and regulatory compliance, and business continuity planning are key elements for sound risk management and risk reduction controls for cloud computing. As with other service providers, cloud computing may not be suitable for all BSFIs. In addition, the complexity of a cloud service can mask incident detection and analysis.

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