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Hire Purchase Agreement Legislation

Hire Purchase Agreement Legislation
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(b) any guarantee granted by the tenant or potential purchaser for the money to be paid under the contract or a deposit for the money to be paid under such a guarantee contract is considered never enforceable. (a) constitutes a lease-sale agreement to which this Act applies or “b) an existing monetary obligation of the debtor, paid, unloaded or consolidated by the creditor under the security agreement: 5The main law and part I of this Act have no effect on the lease-sale, the lease of credit purchase or the conditional sale contract which – the main law does not apply to the purchase or lease or a (independent of the community). Whether registered in the United Kingdom or elsewhere) as a tenant or purchaser of the property to which the agreement relates. 6Soeveral purposes with respect to conditional sales contracts – “(4) Unless: Sections 7 to 36 are specifically applied by this section or must be applied to determine whether, after the termination of a secured credit repurchase agreement pursuant to Section 36A, there is a balance that belongs to the debtor or debtor to the creditor. if this dismissal results in the termination of the contract in accordance with Section 36A. (3) In order to remove doubts, it is stated that Section 1 of the main law should not be taken into account. , or Section 2 of this Act, for the purpose of interpreting a decree in which (whatever the expression of the order) provides that the decree (or, if the decree applies to Scotland, in its application to England and Wales) a “rental contract,” or a similar expression, has the same meaning as the “rental-sale contract” in the main law or the definition of “lease-lease” , in the General “lease contract” adoption law, a contract other than a conditional sales contract, under which the “lease-sale contract” refers to any contract, in any form, and if it is indeed a sale or rent, the goods to be paid by a person of another person in exchange for periodic payments to be made by the first person to the other person. for rent. , with the ability to make the first person the buyer of the goods.

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