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Eu Thailand Free Trade Agreement

Eu Thailand Free Trade Agreement
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“To the extent that we have consulted with the Thai private sector, everyone agrees that Thailand should restart free trade negotiations with the EU,” Auramon said. “Without the pact with the bloc, Thailand will lose a significant advantage in trade competitiveness over other exporting countries.” Another signatory to the letter is supermarket distributor Aldi Nord, whose director CR/QA International, Erik Hollman, said: “For the implementation of the UN`s global guidelines, it is particularly important that strengthening workers` rights and appropriate standards of employment practices is an integral part of trade agreements. Human rights and sustainability should already be firmly entrenched in these agreements. “The Thai government has made many promises to ratify ILO conventions and implement necessary labour law reforms, but it has not. In the absence of reforms, no additional trade benefits should be granted. The letter calls on the European Union to define a clear, measurable and temporary roadmap for Thailand before the resumption of trade negotiations. In particular, it calls for this roadmap to include the ratification of ILO Conventions 87 and 98, which cover freedom of association and the rights of collective agreements, followed by the adoption of amendments to national labour legislation to bring them in line with these fundamental ILO conventions. U.S. pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Co. is asking the Canadian government, under Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), after a Canadian court decision, to revoke the company`s patent for the drug Strattera used to treat attention deficit disorder. The pharmaceutical group is now seeking $500 million in compensation. Act Up-Paris, Oxfam International, Health Action International and AIDS Action Germany strongly supports Thai civil society.

EU negotiators should take into account in the negotiations of this trade agreement the importance of access to cheap and quality generic medicines for patients in Thailand. Since 2002, Thailand has established a general health care system that covers 99% of the population. The production and availability of affordable, high-quality generic drugs is a key element in maintaining this universal coverage. The European Union is ready to resume discussions on the EU-EU free trade agreement as soon as possible, as the senior officials have stressed. However, according to a group of 45 organisations to be made up of NGOs, trade unions, businesses and multi-stakeholder initiatives, the recent events in September and October 2020 to combat peaceful protesters in Bangkok have raised other concerns that the EU must seriously address.

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