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Casablanca Agreement

Casablanca Agreement
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While the deal allowed the Americans to continue seeking retaliation against Japan, it also showed that they had been poorly maneuvered by the better-prepared British. Other topics of discussion included achieving some unity between the French leadership, General Charles de Gaulle and General Henri Giraud. While de Gaulle regarded Giraud as an Anglo-American puppet, the latter believed that the former was a selfish and weak commander. Although they met Roosevelt, no one impressed the American leader. On January 24, twenty-seven journalists were called to the hotel for an announcement. Surprised to find a large number of high-ranking Allied military leaders, they were stunned when Roosevelt and Churchill showed up at a press conference. Accompanied by de Gaulle and Giraud, Roosevelt forced the two Frenchmen to join hands in a demonstration of unity. Upon his return to the United States, President Roosevelt met with the President of Brazil, GetĂșlio Vargas, at the Potenji River Conference, where they discussed Brazil`s participation in the war effort and defined the agreements that led to the creation of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force. The conference was held on January 28 and 29, 1943 aboard the USS Humboldt, in the port of the Potenji River in Natal. [23] [1] Roosevelt also spoke with the French general in Rabat, Morocco, about post-war independence and Jewish immigrants in North Africa. .

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