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Agreement Protocol Cryptography

Agreement Protocol Cryptography
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Related work is introduced in Section 2. Preliminary work is introduced in Section 3. Section 4 proposes a TP-AB-KA protocol. The TP-AB-KA protocol was safe in Section 5. We will then provide a performance comparison between protocol [4] and our minutes in Section 6. We finish our document in Section 7. We provide a two-party Key Memorandum of Understanding (TP-AB-KA). There are 3 roles, trust authority () and two participants (initiator and answering machine). is a trusted role that monitors participants` attributes and gives them private keys. Two participants and , conclude important agreements as Figure 1. To avoid the use of additional off-band authentication factors, Davies and Price proposed the use of Ron Rivest and Adi Shamir`s Interlock protocol, which has come under subsequent attack and refinement.

Based on mutual authentication, the session key for communication nodes is configured on the open network. In order to complete the control of cloudtorage access, the key attribute protocol (TP-AB-KA) has been proposed. However, the existing TP-AB-KA protocol is high in computing and communication costs and is not unsuitable for application in a mobile cloud, as mobile devices are generally limited to resources. To solve the above problem, we offer a TP-AB-KA protocol with encryption and key of constant size. Our TP-AB-KA protocol is a verifiable security in the standard model. Concrete evidence is given under the expanded multi-sequence of the diffie-Hellman decision hypothesis (AMSE-DDH) in the attribute-based BJM model (AB-BJM). Compared to existing TP-AB-KA protocols, the cost of calculating and communicating our protocol is greatly reduced. The ABE scheme has fine-grain data access control that can be applied to many scenes using KA protocols. As the example above shows, the ABE scheme for authenticating attributes between protocol participants has been adopted and has not revealed their identity. More and more KA protocols are introducing ABE schemes to build TP-AB-KA protocols. However, the length of the key and encryption text in these TP-AB-KA protocols increases linearly with the number of attributes that subscribers possess or are integrated into access policies. Clearly, these TP-AB-KA protocols are not suitable for easy applications.

For example, mobile devices have become the main devices in the open cloud, which are limited to resources and require high-performance protocols. To solve the above problem, we first propose a key memorandum of understanding based on attributes for two parts with the encryption text and the key in constant size, based on the CP-ABE diagram [3]. The proposed protocol is proven to be safe in the AB-BJM [4] model on the basis of the difficult problem of the expanded multi-sequence of the exhibitor`s decision hypothesis Diffie-Hellman (AMSE-DDH) in the standard model [5]. Public key settings and some oracle queries are successfully simulated. The challenge task of an MSE-DDH hypothesis is integrated into the communication code texts. Compared to existing TP-AB-KA protocols, the cost of calculating and communicating our protocol is greatly reduced. The constant-sized key and text of the chip improve the efficiency of the implementation and make our protocol more suitable for the application of light build levels.

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